Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wed update

Dr. Su met with Kim to give us an update. So, here it is.

As you may recall; Jenna had to hault her feeding while she was recovering from the infection. While this did not effect her overall growth (weight & length), it did effect one aspect of her growth, and this is why mom's always tell their kids to drink lots of milk. Because she didn't have milk (and therefore the nutrients it provides), her bones are a bit thinner than they should be. This leaves her susceptible to a bone breaking. With as careful as the nurses and Dr.'s are, Yes; it does happen in similar situations.
Dr. Su and Anna have both assured us that this is not too uncommon, and that she will grow out of it. While Dr. Su isn't too too concerned about this situation, they will add it to the long list of things they are keeping an eye on.

Other than that, the kids are doing great.
Lil miss thang had the grabby hands again this morning and pulled her feeding tube (the OG tube in her stomach) out a bit. Because of that, she had one lil Apnea. Both of the twins have pulled tubes out several times. They are feisty and strong. A good and bad thing. ;)

Dr. Su decided to leave their feeds as it is. Jenna 10cc an hr & Blake on 11cc an hr.
He began weening Blake off the CPAP & moved his rate (breath per min or bpm) down to 15.
Jenna has been completely off her CPAP rate for a while now. Her next moves will be to reduce the air pressure a bit, then move her to a canula airway. Very similar to what she has now, just not quite as invasive as the canula prongs that go into her nose are much shorter.

For some reason, the news about Jenna's bones have kinda bummed me out a bit. It may not be the biggest deal, but for some reason I'm a little concerned. I think that may be because when she was diagnosed with an infection and she had her feeds stopped, we specifically asked if there would be any consequences to going off her feeds (health & growth) and being sustained by IV fluids. At the time, we were told that the different in growth between IV & milk would be negligible over a weeks time. So; in our heads, we weren't worried by the delay in milk feeding.
I think it's one of those things where, had we known about this possibility we could have mentally prepared ourselves and it wouldn't have come as a surprise. For Kim and I, surprises are by far the hardest to deal with. If we know about something, then we can consider all the aspects and prepare ourselves.
I should be clear, that I am not upset with their Dr's at all. While they often time seem super human in their abilities, things do get lost in communication and they can't tell us every single medical detail. To their credit, we both feel that they keep us updated extremely well and they often take the time to stop by and talk with us personally.

Well..... I need to get a couple things done at work, so I can go visit my lil micro preemie bundles of luv.
Oh, btw I've been using a couple "pet names" for them lately. Jenna is my lil sugar cube, and Blake is my lil stink bug. :) No particular reason, they just kinda happened.


Erin and Cullen Mills said...

"Oh, btw I've been using a couple "pet names" for them lately. Jenna is my lil sugar cube, and Blake is my lil stink bug. :) No particular reason, they just kinda happened."

I think you know this, Jason, but, my dad has called me Stinky Butt since I was born. (while I KNOW there was now particular reason for that knickname), it is one of my most favorite things between my dad and I. It is so sweet that you guys already have knicknames. Stick to them... it means the world to your kiddos!

Jason and Kim said...

hehe Now that you mention it, I remember. Hopefully they'll like theirs as much as you do. :D