Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28

Quick Update, as I am VERY tired tonight and can barely keep my eyes open. Today was a good day. Dr. Kansas reduced Jenna's CPAP rate from 20 to 10 this afternoon at 2. She has done very well with this new adjustment so far. Jenna's weight check will be later tonight. She sure looked bigger to me. Funny coincidence, when Blake weighed in at 2.11 I thought he sure looked bigger that night. Blake weighed in at 3.3 tonight, he gained another 2 ounces over night. He got a bath tonight and sure liked his hair being washed. He didn't care much for the rest of bath time. Jenna will be getting a bath in a couple hours.

I'm having to learn how to change their diapers all over again since they are in a new size. They are no longer in the "micro preemie" diapers but are in the preemie instead. There's a trick, you have to fold down the front a bit because they are in between sizes. Guess it'll take a few more times of practice to "prefect" the change. Sure am proud of the change though.

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