Thursday, February 12, 2009

28 weeks.... AKA.... 4 weeks old!!!!

Well, here we are at 28 weeks. Blake and Jenna are now 4 weeks old. And what a great way to celebrate! Jason, Blake, Jenna and I had some great family time today. This has been, by far, one of my best days as mom in the NICU. Jason and I were at the hospital for a big part of the day today and Blake and Jenna were both able to come out for some really good bonding time. I got to hold Jenna for quite some time today. It was so nice just sitting together and having daddy near and Blake not too far either. Our baby girl did really well while out visiting with us. She and I were so relaxed and cozy. When it was time to place her back in bed, Anna asked if I wanted to put in her in her bed. Nervously, I said yes. It is such a production to take her from her bed to place her on our chests, and then back to her bed again. I was a bit afraid of not holding her the right way when transporting her. She is just so small and is connected to so many monitors and then there are the long CPAP tubes. However, it turned out just fine. I really enjoyed helping to make her comfy and cozy back in her bed.

April was back today and was with Blake. Shortly after our visit with Jenna, it was Blake and daddy's turn. Blake is so funny. Again, while waiting for daddy to get set up, he just laid back all stretched out. He really did well hanging out with daddy today. They rocked together for about 30 minutes. Jason agrees with me that there is something special about holding your warm little angels in your arms that make you so relaxed and calm.

We went to dinner and then went back to the hospital. We arrived just in time to watch Jenna get her bath. They still get sponge-type baths. This is the first one we have watched. Jenna didn't seem to like her bath until it got time to wash her hair. She seemed to like the head massage. Janice was with Blake tonight and reports that she had "withdrawls" and missed her little buddy. I think he missed her too. They've gotten to know each other pretty well-haha. We are so happy to have such caring nurses!

I'm feeling much better today and almost a bit embarrassed about feeling down yesterday. I am so truly grateful for each and every moment we have with our babies. And although it is very very difficult at times. I take much comfort in knowing that the day will come when we get to do all the things that we long to do as a family. The day that we bring our babies home will be such a celebration.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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