Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Tue night snuggles

Just got back from visiting the kiddo's.

They were so cute tonight. Both of them were in exactly the same position, all snuggled up.
Jenna had a Brady right as we walked into the bay, but she quickly recovered on her own. Heather said she had already had another one in the hour she was there. Sooooo unfortunately she wasn't behaving enough to gain a lil outside time. Mom was sad, but we both understand that she needs to be in a good state in order to handle the stress of being moved around and out of her isolette.
So, we just sat with her and watched her sleep.

Blake was doing pretty much the same thing except he didn't had any A's & B's.
Deena said Blake seemed stable enough to give Kangaroo care a shot. This was Blake's second outing and the first time mom got to hold him & she was glowing!
He did pretty good. He didn't d sat and seemed very comfortable after we got all settled in.
Him and mom had about 15min of snuggle time before he was tuckered out and ready to rest again.

Both of them have been doing very good with their breathing. Both are down into the low 30's on their O2.
Jenna gained back an oz and is at 1lb 15oz. Sun she measured in at 12.25 inches long. She's still on the same amount of feeding.
Blake gained another oz and BROKE THE 2LB MARK!!!! Whooo Hoooo
Their weight has been fluctuating a bit, so he'll probably hover around this weight for a couple more day before putting this milestone behind him. Still an awesome thing though!
He measured in at a stringy 13.25 inches. He's grown quite a bit since his grand entrance.
His feeds remain the same.

We are very thankful for another good day. Hopefully we can string about 30 more like this one. ;-)

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