Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jenna and Blake's Family and Friends

Wow, we have an amazing support system- an enormous prayer circle, lots of followers, a big wonderful family, lots of friends and even some friends of friends who we've met a few of. We are so fortunate to have so many people sending well wishes and positive thoughts our way. Jason and I both believe in the power of positive thinking and positive outlook and believe that all of the positive thoughts that are surrounding our precious Blake and Jenna are helping to keep them strong and help them to continue growing. The power of prayer is truly amazing and lends for some much needed miracles.

We enjoy hearing from you all, the comments are so encouraging. We check the blog each night for comments. We also like to look at the map occasionally to see all of the locations of people who have read our blog. It is awesome to see the widespread support. It is obvious that you all are sharing our experience with family and friends, as we do not personally know anyone in many of the locations that are shown on the map. We even have support coming from South Africa and Sweeden! We are (happily)astonished by the spread of hope and well wishes that we are receiving. We would love to hear from more of you. We can't possibly thank you all enough. We have many hurdles yet and much time to be spent in the NICU but we have made it through some pretty tough times so far. Thanks for helping to see us through. We are looking forward to the day in which we are both holding our babies and walking through the front door of our home the first time as a family. It will truly be a most joyful day.
~Kim and Jason, Blake and Jenna


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We're glad that you were here too! Your baby cousins love you!