Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wednesday morning update

Well, here we are one day short of 30 weeks! Jason and I are starting to get really excited about being in the "thirties". I was reading one of my pregnancy books lastnight and it mentioned that at 29/30 weeks, you can start breathing easier b/c if your baby was born now, he/she would have a 9 of of 10 chance of surviving due to advancements in intensive care. Wow, being born 5/6 weeks prior to that, have we beat the odds or what?! Yes, being thirty never sounded so great-ha! So, a big milestone healthwise is 32 weeks. At 32, they should be healthier, stronger and putting on the weight pretty well. Then around 34weeks, they will try out bottle feeding. the way Blake goes to town on his paci, we suspect (and hope) he will take to it (and nursing) well. We have seen Jenna either suck or chew on hers as well.

Lastnight was nice, we got to hold them together again. I started holding Jenna before Jason held Blake b/c Blake was a bit cold and needed to reach and stay at warmer temperature before coming out of his isolette. I started off holding Jenna in a swaddled position. She was all bundled up in a blanket and I held her in my arms rather than on my chest. Jason got a couple really cute pictures of that. There is one that is by far one of my new favorite pictures of her. She did ok but started desatting a bit so Sue, her nurse, helped to set her up on my chest for some skin to skin bonding. She really really seemed to enjoy this position much better. She rested so well and for quite a bit of time. I noticed after about 4o minutes that it was getting pretty warm. I thought it may just be me but about ten minutes after that, Jenna woke up ANGRY. She started squirming and lifting her head. She held her head up for a good amount of time trying to turn it and just trying to tell me that something did not feel right. Her heart rate went up and she was fussing ans wiggling. It was time to put her back into bed. Turns out, the fussing was due to the fact that she was uncomfortable. Her temp had risen and she was just a bit too warm. It amazes me how strong she is. When she was lifting her head and holding it upright, I kept telling Jason, "Look at what she is doing!". She really is a little spitfire. Once she was placed in bed, she got comfortable again and slept soundly. My little angel girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid of letting us know when things need to be changed.

Jason and Blake had a long bonding time as well. He just lounged on daddy with his arms up and legs out-his preferred position. Jason's hand can still totally cradle Blake but he has gotten a lot bigger and does not look like he can get lost in daddy's hand anymore. He is definitely a growing boy. I think (and hope) that he will reach 3lbs before we know it. Jenna is not too far behind him, especially since she is starting on milk again. Jason always looks like he is just so relaxed and does not have a care in the world while he is holding the babies. He has definitely discovered his new "zen"-haha.

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I am beginning to get a few things done around the house and will begin to start planning and preparing the babies' room soon. When I was faced with the orders of bedrest in the hospital for (what would've been until April/May), I had to accept the fact that I would need to rely on Jason and other family members to set up Blake and Jenna's room and that I wouldn't be partaking in that fun. I was also faced with the possibility of having baby showers in the hospital. Well, now I have been "given" those things back-haha. I can't wait to get started on their room.

I plan to start exercising today as I am ready to start slowly shedding some of this left over pregnancy weight and to get some good healthy energy back. I dread the exercising and yet look forward to it in many ways too. I haven't had to try and loose such an amount before so am preparing myself to having quite the job in doing so. My goal is to be in good shape when I go to pick up my, what will then appear to be, 'newborns" from the hospital when they are released in three to four months. How awesome would that be?! However, I am remaining realistic and will be totally happy to have at least lost some of it by then. Most importantly, I want to start off with a decent amount of energy when the precious little ones are home and will be demanding so much of it. I look forward to those days. I just want my babies at home with Jason and I where they belong. We are so fortunate to have such phenomenal nurses and doctors helping to get them to that point.

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy what with all of the progress that the twins as done. WOW!! so much.
We all have a tendency to take so much for granted that we mess out on the little things as with the twins, even the slightest thing such as opening a eye or trying to get a paci in their mouths is something that other parents may not even think is so special. What an amazing special time to be a part of this.
We as your parents are so very happy with the newest additions, we thank you so much for having them and giving us a chance to stay young a little bit longer.
Mom & Dad