Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Jason worked from home today so we got a morning visit in together this morning. When we got there and peeked in at Blake, he was "fighting his boundaries". haha He kept stretching his legs out of his snuggie. He also had his arm stretched out. Sure reminds me of when I was pregnant with them. Blake was always stretching out. Most of the time I could feel his feet way low and his head up in my ribs. I told Jason several times, I think he is standing up in there. On most of the sonograms, he was sitting upright. Guess he prefers to be all reclined and stretched out even today. Think he'll ask for a Lazy Boy recliner by the time he is home? haha Jenna was all bundled up and resting nicely. I just can't get over how shinny her hair is. That and it has gotten pretty thick and is getting longer. So cute!

They both went up a .7cc on their feeds. Blake is at 3.7/hr and Jenna is at 5.7cc/hr. Last time we called and checked on them this afternoon, Jenna was at 30 o2-yay!!!

Well, we are about to make our evening visit. Hopefully we will get to hold our little darlins......


Janice said...

Hey Guys!!! So glad to hear that the twinadoes are doing so well. Sorry that I am not there with Blake tonight (had an out of town emergency), I really miss my little pal! See you all Thursday!

Jason and Kim said...

Hi Janice! Yes, we all miss you (especially your little pal). Hope things are okay. We will anxiously await your return on Thursday.