Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday morning update

We got a quick update before we went to sleep last night.

Jenna had been doing great after her snuggle time with mommy. Her CPAP settings were pretty stable and she was feeding quite well. They gave her some fortifying formula along with her milk and she was handling it wonderfully.

Perhaps Blake was a little jealous, cause he wasn't doing quite as good. He was having some more Apnea spells. The Dr.'s decided to pause his feeding for a little bit, so they also removed his feeding tube. During the break they also took some xrays of his tummy to make sure that didn't have anything to do with his apnea. Apnea can also be a symptom of an infection, so last night they took a blood sample, and started him on antibiotics just in case. We should be getting the results back some time today.

On my way into work I called the NICU for an update.

Jaymie is watching Blake today. I always enjoy her updates as she is Very specific and detailed. Seems that Mr. Blake was doing a bit better with his Apnea while Jaymie has been with him. His tummy xray from this morning looked pretty good. Some of his blood levels were slightly off, so they've been giving him some blood products (platelets, etc).
So, he's been doing pretty good & we look forward to getting the results back from the tests.
Cmon lil guy.....

Jenna is doing good this morning. Her blood gasses were a little off on some of the readings, so the increased the number of breaths the CPAP delivers. She went from 20bpm to 30. Other than that, she seems to be very comfortable and resting well. Her feeding is going great.
Last night, Anna said that if her feeding continues to go this well, that she'll be completely on mom's milk and no longer need any IV fluids. That will be a GREAT milestone for sure.

I'll update after I talk to the Dr. with Blakes results.

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