Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smooth Sunday

Dr. Dakowski called with a good report today. According to him, they have both had a "quiet" day. We LOVE quiet days! Jenna is now on a rate of 20bpm and has had no apnea. She weighed in at 2lbs 7oz lastnight. Blake weighed in at 2lbs 9oz (in case you hadn't noticed that report in latnight's post). He is having a good day today as well.

All in all it has been a nice weekend, both for the babies and for "mommy and daddy". Jason and I had a few social "outings". Really the first time in a few weeks. We went to a Dripping Springs faculty social gathering Friday night. It was really nice to see my friends from school/work. I hadn't talked to many of them since the Wednesday before I was admitted to the hospital. Jason got to meet many of the people he often hears me refer to so that was nice. Just updating and filling people in really brught back some of those early experienced emotions and the memories of what a crazy whirlwind of events we have experienced in the last six weeks. Boy has 2009 been an eventful year so far! I think we would both happily welcome some pretty low key weeks to come (other than some celebrations of making it to our NICU milestones). Anyway, we went and visited the babies on our way home which topped the night off perfectly. Saturday morning we visited with the babies again for a couple hours. We just can't get over how big they are looking. Then later yesterday things worked out to where we got to have lunch with brother, sister and niece Kaylee. We hadn't seen them in a while so that was fun. One of our favorite pass times is to go out for dinner. We met up with some friends for a later dinner lastnight at The Melting Pot. We had never been there before, it was quite the dining experience. We were there for about 3 1/2 hours. everything was really good. We left there at 11:30 then stopped at the hospital to tuck Blake and Jenna in and to tell them goodnight. We finally got home a little after 1AM. Haha, the nature of late nights out on the town sure have changed for us.

We are looking forward to our evening visit with Blake and Jenna. Maybe we they can both get some kangaroo time in tonight.

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