Thursday, February 26, 2009

30 Weeks con't.

Just got back from the hospital and let me tell ya, these little guys keep changing each and every day. The ounces that they are gaining are really making a difference. As we suspected, Jenna is doing well with being back on milk and gained 10 GRAMS, which puts her at 2 lbs 10 ounces tonight. Way to go Jenna! And Blake gained as well. He is now 2 lbs 15 ounces!! Haha, looks like Jason and I need to revise our bets. I said Blake will reach 3 lbs on Sunday but I now say it'll be tomorrow night. The prelim results of Jenna's head scan is not in yet so we are still anxiously waiting. I held her tonight, it was so nice. Each time, I feel that much more in love with them. Blake was a little cool, so we did not hold him tonight. He looked sooooooo comfortable all laid back in his bed that it would have been a shame to disturb him anyway. He was on his back with his legs stretched out and both of his arms stretched up over his head-haha. This is a position he choses while on his back. His nurse, at times, will move his arms down by his side or just inside his snugglie but he always moves them to the, what I like to call, the "lazy boy recliner position"....also known as the "tubing" position. He looks like he is ready to float down the Guadalupe River in a tube with his legs hanging over and his arms all stretched. Too cute! I keep telling Jason that I think Blake looks like him and looks to be taking on the Reid side while Jenna's skin tone is much different than his and seems to be taking on the Patranella side. Jenna's skin is darker and I think may have an olive undertone (Italian side) and her hair being darker too. Blake's skin is lighter as is his hair. Of course they are still so tiny and their cute little faces remain covered by the CPAP and tape. I'm sure they may look different as they continue to grow.

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