Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January 4th-20 Days Old

Just received the "morning report".

Jenna had a good night last night and is having a good morning. Anna is taking care of her today. We are so glad that she is doing so well with her feeds and is now off of all IV fluids. I bet she will hit the 2lb milestone before we know it. I love her lil round belly.

Blake is feeling much better. April, his nurse for the day, reports that he looks and is behaving much better than last time she was caring for him when he was pretty sick. He is active today and is much more himself. He is on constant feeds now...1/2cc every hour. He is even down in the low 20s on his O2 level! No more A's and B's as of lately (Apnea/Brady). We couldn't be happier to have our little boy feeling much better. Keep it up lil guy!

I am going to go up and visit in a while. I am really anxious for Jason to do kangaroo care with Jenna. He has been feeling fine but is being really careful and cautious with having a mild tickle in his throat. Seems to not be as much today. We'll see about tonight.

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