Thursday, February 12, 2009

Same ole same ole

Got the morning update a little while ago.

Anna & April are taking care of them today. Yay!

Pretty much as the title says. Same ole same ole.
Jenna had two heart rate drops (A's & B's) through the night and one this morning for Anna. That's not bad at all for such lil ones. Her feeds are going good and she's trying to catch up with her brother on weight. She's still at the 1lb 15oz mark, but she's been gaining grams of weight each night. If she gains a couple more today, she should break into 2lb territory!
So all in all, she's doing great.

Blake is pretty much doing the same.
A couple A's & B's but nothing out of the ordinary. Eating well and tolerating it. Growing, resting.... You know.... The Micro Preemie thang.

Every Thu the NICU puts on a class for the parents (Parent University) @ 2pm, so I'm finishing up some work, then heading to the hospital to get some education.
Anna said that Miss Jenna Lu has been doing good today, so we should get a lil parental bonding time and do some Kangaroo. If Blake has been behaving, he'll get a short reprieve from the isolette as well.
Momma really really enjoyed her Blake time last night, but it was rather short @ only 15min. His O2 saturation went down into the 60% range, so it was time to put him back in his lil home. Kinda a bummer to only get 15min, but it doesn't really bother us. Any time at all is a blessing and it just makes us look forward to the next time even more.

The whole baby thing hasn't exactly gone to plan, but we feel very fortunate to have our lil ones with us and are cherishing every experience.

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