Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Very Special Kangaroo Time

Tonight was really really nice. Blake is having a good night and Heather felt he was in good standing for some kangaroo time. He was looking around for some time before and seemed very curious to what was going on around him. That's one reason Heather felt it might be a good time for him to come out of his isolette. Jason decided that since he had colone on that he would pass until tomorrow. These little guys skin and all can get irritated very very easily. So, I very happily accepted the opportunity. What made it so very special tonight is that he laid in my arms...uh..well, actually it was my hand in a cradles position so I was able to watch him while we rocked. It was amazing! We rocked together for about 40minutes and he kept his eyes open and was looking around for about 30 minutes! So I took this opportunity to tell him a story or two. The funny thing is, I was enjoying watching him look around so much that I just wanted to keep talking to him in hopes that he would stay interested and alert~haha. I told him all about his home and about his family. We talked about many of the books that I plan on reading to him and his sissy. He was just so cute looking at me and responding to my voice. Then, he finally got pretty tired, gave a huge yawn and slowly closed his eyes while I hummed him to sleep. He started getting a little chilly so Heather came over and placed him in his bed. It was so very nice to get a taste of what is to come when we have him and his sister at home. All of us as a family.

Jenna was pretty alert for while tonight too. Jason hung out with her for a while while I was having kangaroo time with Blake. He said she just looked around and was pretty active. She has some peeling of the skin on her feet and a few other places. The doctor checked it out and seems to think it is due to the infection which is looking like staff. We will get the blood results tomorrow. She weighed in tonight at 2.3, as did Blake. We aure hope Jenna gets over this infection quickly. She seems to be comfortable but we just want her well again. I got some really cute pictures of her holding Jason's finger tonight. I can only imagine looking back at these pictures one day while she and her brother are running around the house and think back at how very small they once were.

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