Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blake is still fighting off a "bug"

Just talked to Anna & April (Jenna & Blakes nurses).

Jenna has been doing great all day. She's been very stable and just been hangin out with Anna. So, not really anything new to report, which is a good thing in the NICU world!

Blake has a little bit of an update though. His 24hr blood culture came back negative for further infection. Unfortunately his 48hr culture came back positive. He seems to be recovering nicely and is more active, and is feeding again, but they've got to get specifics on this infection.
They want to ensure that the bacterial infection hasn't moved inside the body and the severity of the infection. In order to do this, they have to do a "lumbar puncture" in order to take some spinal fluid. From what we've been told this is a pretty easy procedure and doesn't carry too much risk.
Being a big baby when it comes to needles, this procedure doesn't really make me all that happy.
Dr. Kansas is going to give me a call before she performs the procedure to answer the flood of questions running around my brain right now.
I certainly trust their judgement, but I like to have as much info as possible before they do anything invasive.

So, all in all, both of them have had a great day and are still making positive steps in the right direction.

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