Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9

Today has been a steady day for Blake and Jenna. I went and visited this AM and they were both sleeping during my entire visit. They were both snuggled tight and looked just so comfortable. I sure wish they were snuggled up with me though. I stayed for a while just watching them sleep.

I bought some material to make Valentine isolette covers. I plan to make some covers throughout their stay and then once they graduate from NICU, I want to piece them together to make baby blankets for them.

Jason and I spent a couple hours visiting them tonight. We were both missing them quite a bit. On Sunday we had spent several hours there during the day and in the evening had decided to stay home and get some extra rest. Although we called a couple times and checked on them and then at midnight we were both up and contemplating making a midnight run to visit our little angels. We missed them very much. We did manage to go to sleep but both woke up this morning with them on our minds. So tonight we felt like we were catching up. Blake's feedings went up to 3cc/hour. He has had a stable day. Jenna has also had a stable day. They both weighed in tonight at 1 lb 14ounces. Blake's little face was all covered up tonight. Between his CPAP and tape, chin strap, and over sized cap that covered his eyes, we could only see his cheeks. We didn't want to disturb him, he seemed to be sleeping well. They had just completed the suctioning and assessment before we got there so he was tuckered out and was resting. He looked very peaceful. When I peeked in at Jenna and started talking to her, she opened her eyes and looked around. As Jason and I continued to talk to her, she looked in our direction. It is just so wonderful to see her respond to us. Then a little later as I just say and watched her, she vegan moving her head. She was actually trying to turn her head from facing left to facing right! And she could've completely done so if it had not been for the CPAP tubing. She is very strong! Our little gal repeatedly lifted her head enough to turn it midway, as far as she could reach and hold her head there while trying to completely turn it. I had to get in there and move her head back to facing left and gently hold it there to encourage her to stop. She has always preferred laying on her tummy with her head facing to the right. She does know what she likes. Thing is, to help develop and strengthen the muscles, they have to be rotated from time to time. From tummy to back, facing right, facing left.....Jenna was having none of it tonight though. She must have tried a good 6 to 8 times while we were there. Heather, her night nurse tonight, said she is quite the "spit fire". I agree. And we love to hear this. It is so wonderful to hear and see how strong and feisty she is. Fire crackers do come in small packages afterall. Beth, Blake's nurse tonight, has spent time quite a bit of time with both and says she thinks Blake may be the laid back one and Jenna may be the instigator. It'll be interesting seeing more of their personalities show.

Well, it is late and time to sleep. We are hoping that they have a stable night and morning in hopes that we will get some kangaroo time with them tomorrow. I just can't wait to snuggle them!!!


Wayland said...

I enjoy reading your comments about the progress Jenna and Blake are making. When you get so excited about the little things they are doing, like looking your way or turning their head, it serves to remind me that it is the little things in life that are the most precious and the ones we often take for granted.

Jason and Kim said...

Thanks Wayland. Yes, it definately has put many things in perspective for us too. I am glad that you are checking in on us. You and Kathy are welcome to come and visit again sometime soon. Maybe we can set up a baby "photo shoot" in the near future too.