Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Valentine's Day Yet

My most memorable Valentine's Day was back when I was in fourth grade in Mrs. Ward's class. I received a special Valentine's Day card from a boy I had a huge crush on. I remember thinking, ..."Wow, this is the BEST Valentine's Day ever!

Many years have passed and there have been many Valentine Day celebrations since my fourth grade year. Still, that Valentine's Day back in 1982 had always remained my most memorable and favorite. UNTIL today...................

Today, Jason and I spent a great amount of time with our littlest "sweethearts". We were able to kangaroo hold side by side, which made it a true "family event". Jason held Jenna and I held Blake. We were able to sit near each other with our babies and rock them as they rested on our chests. It was truly an amazing feeling to have all four of us this close together, really for the first time. We have been on cloud nine since. Each day I fall even more head over heels over these two very special miracle babies. And today, we both fell in over our heads-haha.

It is true, the memory of my fourth grade special Valentine card has stayed with me through the years but today there's been a new memory form that has by far become my favorite. No other Valentine's Day has had what it took and I am pretty confident that there won't be another anytime soon that will "out run" this special Valentine's Day. (Thanks Anna and April for arranging things is such a way for us to sit as a family). We even received the BEST Valentine card ever. It was from Blake and Jenna (with a little help from Anna and April)! It has Blake's foot print and Jenna's foot print, heel to heel. Their footprints form a heart and it has a special poem to go along with it. It says:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Our feet are so tiny
Because we couldn't wait to meet you!
Blake and Jenna's card that has melted my heart today. No card can possibly top this one! Today, I heard a grown up version of that little girl voice in my head say, "Wow, today is the best Valentine's Day ever!

Again, our blog has become my journal today. I just had to share today's events with our family and friends. I am working on posting new pics now. Check them out! I think you will find that both Blake and Jenna are growing nicely.

They are both having a good day with feeds and settings. Dr. Su decided to try and make a couple slight adjustments to their CPAP settings. They both have done very well with the added "responsibilities" today. We are so very proud of them. Jenna's head scan looks about the same. The ventricles look, if anything, smaller and the previous thought that there was damaged surrounding tissue seems to have not been the case.

Today has been a blessing that we are very thankful for. We continue to pray for continued strength and growth and that Jenna continues to overcome the brain hemorrhage without complications.

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