Monday, February 16, 2009

32 days old

Today has been a good day. Jason and I just got back from visiting. Jenna and I spent some time snuggling (kangaroo time) tonight. She did so well. It only took her a few seconds to settle down from being moved from her bed and then she and I sat and rocked for quite a while. she was all tucked in and stayed very still while she slept peacefully. I could've stayed there all night with her resting with me. She is down to a rate of 10 on her BPM, which is really really good. She weighed in at 2lb 4oz!

Blake has a huge "CPAP belly" right now. This is due to some of the air from the CPAP going down into his belly. This may be part of the reason for the increased bradies that he has had. They lowered his rate to try and help reduce some of that. With such a full belly, it may make it a bit more difficult to breathe. He has had less bradies since then. He got a bath tonight while I was having kangaroo time with Jenna. Jason went over and held his hands and assisted in the bathing. Blake was not fond of bathtime tonight and when it was all done he was out like a light. It just takes so much energy out of a little guy, getting a bath and all. He weighed in at 2lb 2oz. Right before we left we took another look and he was doing what he often does-pushing his feet against his snuggie and stretching his legs. Boy, he is going to have some nice muscles-haha.

We are so thankful for steady days like these. It is starting to set in, the length of stay we have ahead of us. We are just really anxious to have our babies home with us.

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