Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Update

Today has been a nice day. We've spent quite a bit of time up at the hospital today admiring our little ones. We often times just sit and stare as they sleep so peacefully with an occasional flutter of their fingers and toes. Jenna kept "fanning" her tiny fingers and would briefly open her baby blues. Blake also rested well today. He was sleeping on his back for much of our visit. His long slender legs were just hanging over his "snuggie" boundary and every few minutes he would stretch his legs out in front of him. He also kept stretching his arm up over his head and then back down by his side. It is so amazing to sit and watch these little movements. While pregnant, I imagined just sitting for hours watching our sleeping babies. I never imagined it would be this way. Never imagined peering at my beautiful babies through a plastic isolette. Only giving them an occasional touch on their arms and legs or heads. Tiny heads, the size of a plum.

Nope, never imagined things would be this way. Granted, knowing we were having twins, we foresaw the possibility that they would be born early and would have a possible stay in incubators. A short stay. Not a three or four month NICU stay. It is incredibly hard to sit and watch your precious newborns open their eyes and look your way in reaction to your voice and not be able to scoop them up in your arms and just love on them. I know in due time, we too, will be able to cradle and parent our babies just like all other parents of newborns are doing. Patience is something that you learn with "NICU parenting". No matter how patient a person you may have been before, it is a character trait that redefines itself daily. I read a quote yesterday that has stuck with me. "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have". Jason and I decided after one very difficult night, that being positive IS the only choice we have. We decided that above fear, concern, anger, times of sadness and distress, our babies need us. They need us to be strong and positive. We know that we are entitled to the less pleasant feelings and expect to feel each and every one. But we decided together, that we would deal with those feelings the best way we can and then place our focus and energy into being positive and as strong as we can. I am so very fortunate to have Jason as my partner in all of this. Without a doubt, having him by my side, helps to keep me strong. He helps me find strength each day, by just being such a wonderful husband and daddy. We are also blessed to have the care, kindness and prayers of so many people. Together, these things help to keep us strong.
Blake and Jenna are having a more stable day today. Jenna is doing better with the CPAP. She is doing the same with her feedings. She lost 2 ounces but it is due to some medication. She is at 1lb 13 ounces. Blake is at 1lb 15 ounces tonight. He, too, is doing well with the feedings. He is at 2.5 cc/hour. We noticed lastnight that the glue on his scar (from PDA surgery) had come off. You can barely see a line/scar there already! For both of them, their hair has grown longer. Jenna's is still very dark thick and pretty shiny. Blake's appears to be a dark brown with areas of blonde. I'll tell ya, they sure are cute!!!! (proud mamma here).

Grandma and Grandpa Patranella came to visit today. They have been anxiously awaiting a visit. Grandma, AKA MeeMaw, had only had a very very brief peek at them before. They both have looked and looked at pictures while awaiting to lay their eyes back on the latest additions to the family. They were very excited and we had a really great time.

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Your family is in our prayers.