Friday, February 6, 2009

Beaurocratic frustration

As y'all can perhaps imagine, this whole situation can be somewhat stressful.
If the situation itself wasn't tough enough, you've got to have thrown in some bureaucratic pain in the butts.

I've read a couple other blogs and have seen where they get to deal with PITA insurance and other things of that ilk. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is that not many people like to do their job, which results in me having to walk them through it, at great pain and waste of time for me.

So amid the joy of holding my two lil ones, I finally checked the mailbox when we got home. Let me tell ya..... It was jammed full. Our mail man must luv us.

Anyway.... I digress. So amid all the junk mail, we got a couple pieces of ominous looking mail.
The first one was from the TX Department of Health. The letter stated that they received some test results and they showed that Blake's results were not normal and that he was at a greater chance for a list of developmental deficiencies like MS, retardation, etc, etc.
This kinda freaked us out because we hadn't heard anything like this from our Dr.'s and they are usually very good about keeping us informed.

As if that wasn't enough to deal with, the next piece of fun time mail was from the state SSI Medicaid dept. That letter stated that the twins did not qualify for State SSI & Medicaid that would cover the remaining medical costs after our personal insurance. The letter went on to state that our case worker said that we waived the coverage. Good times.....

Back to the first letter......Soooo last night, when we went up to the hospital we asked Dr. Untalan to explain this test and the abnormal reading.
He said that they send these tests to the state for all children. The state keeps the results and makes sort of a bell curve out of the results. Since 99% of the babies are normal term, the results are for normal term babies. Preemies have very different results as their organs don't function at the same level, therefore explaining the discrepancy. So, as far as Blake & Jenna's results go, they are fully within the normal range for preemies and they don't see any problems at all.
Wheeeeew..... That was good news.

This morning when Kim went up to visit the kids, she stopped off at the hospital SSI/Medicaid counselor. They told her to disregard the letter we got and that we are still in the works for obtaining SSI/Medicaid assistance. Apparently it was a mistake made by the medicaid office. Sooooo we'll continue to hope that people get their stuff together and handle things as they are supposed to. But.... knowing that it won't happen and that we'll have to step it to get everything straightened out. Joy.

Other than that, things are going pretty good. The kiddo's have been doing great & have been stable. At least the most important things are going pretty good right now. :)

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