Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday happenings

Dr. Su called a little while ago with an update.
Both are doing Great today, as they've done most of the week!

Blake has been moving down on his CPAP settings. He went from 30 BPS (breaths per second) down to 25. His O2 is in the mid 20's, which is awesome after the setting change.
He's on 5.6cc's per hour and will be moving up to 6cc's in a few hours. Because he's doing so good with his feeding and he's getting all the nutrients he needs from milk, they no longer need the IV at this time. They've left it in the last couple days just in case he needed it for some reason. But, it's getting to the end of when they are still good in the vein, so they are going to remove it later today.
Last night he weighed in at a whopping 2lb 3oz! That's a gain of 3oz in one night. Not too shabby.

Jenna is doing just as great as Blake.
She too went down on her BPS from 30 to 25 & is handling it just as good. She's also in the mid 20's on her O2.
Her feeding is at 6.3cc's per hour. I'm not really sure what she weighed in at last night. I either forgot, or wasn't told.... not sure which.

Another good day in the making! Way to go kiddo's.

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