Monday, February 23, 2009

29 1/2 Weeks!!!!

Tonight was a pretty special night. It had been a few days since we got to hold our special little miracle babies. Jason and I were especially happy to hear that they had had a good day and would be able to get some kangaroo time in tonight. Beth helped set Blake up with Jason and Rhonda set Jenna up to visit with me. I got some cute pics of Jason and Blake before my and Jenna's snuggle time started. He was opening his eyes. Jenna peeked a few times while I was holding her as well. We all four got to sit near one another, so their fantastic nurses got a couple family pics in. I can't possibly describe the feelings of joy I have when I am holding them. We have wanted a baby for so long and have been blessed with two! While the nature of the their delivery was one of shock, disbelief and abrupt decision making, we can truly say we can't possibly be happier that we are nearing week 30. It is a bit strange knowing we have babies that are almost 30weeks gestational age but are nearing 6 weeks of age. What a concept! I NEVER imagined becoming a mom would, or even could, be this way. I remember asking Jason every day, "What do you think the babies will look like?" and "Do you think they will have hair?" and saying, "I am going to be SOO Huge!". I had already gained nearly 40lbs at 6months/delivery. While I do still wish at times I was still carrying my little bundles of joy, protecting them from the pokes and prods and suctioning and all that is involved with their care, I do feel extremely fortunate to see their beautiful faces and to watch the amazing growth and changes from day to day. I've always heard moms say that their babies changed day to day and grew so much right before their eyes. Blake and Jenna do truly change from day to day and I am so happy that Jason and I are able to witness these miraculous developments.

Jenna weighed in at 2 lbs 8 ounces and measured 13 inches long tonight, which is good beings that she has only been on IV fluids for the pat week. It looks as though they may start her back on milk tomorrow. Blake is at a whopping 2lbs 11 ounces. He continues to grow in length. He is now at 14.2 inches long!!!! Looks like he is going to take after his daddy. My mom told me today that Blake and Jenna reminds her of her and her twin brother. She had dark hair when she was born and he had blonde. Looks like we may have one blonde and one very dark brunette (or black haired) coming home with us. Too cute!!!!

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