Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The NICU dance

Things have been going very good. A little too good in fact.

A little while after we got home last night, we were getting ready for bed when we got a call from Dr. Chu at 11pm.
Jenna had a big increase in her A's & B's to where they were hitting every 10min or so. That was very unusual, so they did a blood test and found that she was low on her blood platelets.
To help with her breathing, they increased her settings to 20bps. They also stopped her feeds & put in an iv to give her blood products (platelets).
The most common reason for these symptoms is an infection. However, this really worried us as this was similar to when she had her Ventricular hemorrhage.
As you can imagine, this was not exactly the news of sweet dreams.

After talking about it (worrying) for a lil while, I called Beth (her night nurse) to get a little more clarification. She basically told me the same thing with the addition that they immediately started her on antibiotics. I asked about a head bleed and she said that the Dr. didn't mention it. I asked her to ask the Dr. if they were going to do a head ultrasound.

At 6:45am Beth called back just to let me know that Jenna had been doing great through the night. The increase of her breathing settings seemed to help quite a bit and she only had one Apnea during the night. She must have forgot to ask the Dr. about the possibility of bleeding on the brain.

Soooo the latest info is that she's doing really well on the current settings. So well that they may start her feeds back up again. Her platelet's are looking good after getting the blood transfusion. They send a blood sample to the lab to determine if there is an infection and if so, what specific type.
Still haven't received any info on doing a head ultrasound or the possibility of bleeding. It's starting to annoy me a bit. Pappa bear is about to show his not so nice side. It's probably nothing, but it's eerily similar to the IVH (intra ventricular hemorrhage) she had a lil while ago, which has got us pretty worried.

On the good side: She's been doing very well this morning & they may start her feeding up again.
Blake is doing fantastic. He's doing much better on the lower breathing settings, and his tummy is a little smaller.
He caught up to his big sis on feedings (7cc an hr). He gained weight last night.
Last night Rhonda was just about to give him a bath when we rolled in, so I helped while Kim held Jenna. He's not a big fan of the bath time. He's sooo funny; when he gets upset he kicks his legs out and throws his arms up. Not to mention the pissed off look on his face. hehe
Not sure if he's completely wore out by the time she washes his head, or he actually likes it, but he just goes limp when he gets his head washed. haha.
I don't know if it's us newbie parents, or their tiny size, but this whole process is amazing to us.

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