Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Blake is now 1lb 12 ounces!!! Yay Blake. He had a good day and seems to be feeling better already. He only had 2 "A's and B's" today (Apnea and Brady). They were even able to start him back on feeds. Although only 1 ounce/3hrs, it is really good that they were able start feeds so soon after having tested for an infection. He will continue to be on antibiotics for a couple days. He seemed to be much more himself today. We are so happy that he seems to be recovering quickly and getting stronger.

We were at the hospital until about 10:30 and Jenna hadn't been weighed yet. Jason had a bit of a tickle in the throat and we are sure it is due to allergies but he wanted to make be extra cautious and did not do kangaroo care with her. I did kangaroo care with her again tonight. Absolutely fantastic time!!!!! I can't wait til J holds her.

It is really late so I will close for tonight.

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