Friday, February 6, 2009

A Fathers day

Well, yesterday was quite the exciting day.

Wed evening Kim was playing around with the computer and said that I COULD NOT look at the pics she had taken that day. See..... she was hangin out with Anna & April while she was up there visiting. She told me that she was just going to run up there for a quick visit, but that turned out to be an all day thing. haha
So before we headed up to the hospital, we needed to swing by Walgreens and pick up some photos she had developed. When we got to the hospital, she presented me with a couple Valentines cards "from the twins". They were way way cute, & I (Mr. I hate the consumer holiday that is V day) Loved them! I'll post the Vday pics that Kim took with the twins.

Kim has been doing "Kangaroo Care" with Jenna for the past few days and she's been loving it.
For those that may have missed it in an earlier post, Kangaroo Care is where we get skin to skin contact with the lil ones and they lie on our chest for a little bonding time.
Kim had held Jenna a few times and was really really looking forward to me getting some time with her. So, yesterday was the big day.
Anna and April were taking care of the twins and they seem to love it when the twins get a special treat. So both of them were kind enough to get everything set up and ready for me to hold my lil girl.
Holding her was wonderful!! Once we got all comfy, we just chilled out and relaxed. Each time Jenna gets out, she's able to stay out longer and longer before she's ready to go back into her isolette. So I just sat there rocking and talking to her. Good times for sure! We were able to hang out together for about 40min, then it was time to get her settled back into her home.

Around that time, April told us that Dr. Untalan decided that he'd like Blake to try some Kangaroo time as well. Kim's eye's just lit up. First thing she said was that she'd like daddy to hold his lil boy. Who am I to argue with Mamma?

Before I could hold him though, we needed to go to the Parent University class that the NICU puts on every Thu. They put on these little classes to help teach parents about preemies and some of their unique care. Yesterdays class was on RSV (cold for us, lung disease for babies) and all the fun it can bring.

After the class we headed back to good ole Bay 2 to get some personal time with Blake and Jenna.
Blake still has an IV line, so it was slightly more complicated getting him out, but not too bad. Got him settled in pretty quick and then he was happy and comfy. He was pretty active while we sat together and would occasionally open an eye to check things out. He did great for his first time out of the isolette and was able to stay out for over 30min. His 02 and heart rate were perfect the whole time. April and Dr. Untalan were very impressed with his performance.

It was kinda weird. I thought that I might get kinda misty when I first got to hold one of them, but I was strangely relaxed & not too emotional. I guess I may still be in survival mode, which has been keeping most of my emotions in check.
Even in my somewhat muted emotional state, it was a truly amazing experience that I can not wait to repeat & only makes me want them to come home more. While I was sitting there, I just imagined all 4 of us being home & taking naps together while they layed on our chest. That will be a glorious day indeed!

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