Monday, February 2, 2009

Mixed News

I just called to check in with NICU a bit ago. I spoke to the doctor and got some good and "could be much better" news.

Blake does in fact have an infection. I think Jason mentioned before that Blake's feeding tube has been removed and he is now on IV fluids only right now. The infection, according to the doctor, looks like it is a common skin bacteria. Adults are not affected but such a bacteria but for these little guys, it can cause problems. This is just a judgement based of preliminary findings, confirmation of exactly what we are dealing with will come in tomorrow. In the mean time, he remains on antibiotics. I was told that his apnea has not been as bad as it was lastnight. We are just praying that this bacteria is tackled quickly with the antibiotics and that this is a short term ailment so that our little boy gets healthy very soon. He is strong and has already overcome so much already.

According to the doctor, Jenna's scan shows "if anything, that the ventricles have gotten smaller" However, the cystic areas are now more prominent. So, good news so far about the reduction in size of ventricles but worrisome news regarding the cystic areas. This is just something that we won't know effects of (if any) that she has had and/or will face. Her nurse told me that she is resting well and has looked around quie a bit today. Can't wait to see that when we go later.

We are going to visit our babies later tonight so more than likely will post again withany updates. Thank you for all of the prayers, we can definitely use them.

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