Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Evening Update

Just got back from visiting the kids. (It's kind of a crazy situation to be "visiting" my newborn children).

Anyways. Mom got to do Kangaroo care and hold Jenna. Jenna had both eyes open and was looking all around. Not really sure how much she can actually see at this age. I'll have to look that up.

So, mom got to hold Jenna for 35min tonight. She did great and seemed to relax quite a bit once she was all settled into moms arms. It was a great sight and Kim seemed to love every minute of it.

Blake seemed to be resting peacefully the entire time we were there.

Dr. Untalan stopped by to go over everything and answer all our questions.
I'll give ya the quick run down.

Blake is positive for an infection. They believe it's a common bacteria & will get the specifics tomorrow. This is a common infection to get and as far as these things go, this is one of the easier ones to handle. While he fights this off, it is possible that he may get a bit tired and will need to rest on the ventilator. Other than that, he's been doing good and hasn't been slowed down too much by this. He's still a wiggle worm and looking at the nurses often.

Jenna has been doing great. Her feeding has been going great. She's only one cc away from being on milk alone, and no more IV fluids. While we were there she got her neightly weigh in. 1lb 12oz. She's closing in on the 2lb mark!

Her latest head ultrasound showed another slight decrease in the ventricular bleed. So thats great news as well.

All in all, she's been super strong and always trying to progress.

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Donna Beeler said...

I just want to cry - I have not been able to access the blog in days due to being out of town and issued with my wireless modem. You little guys are growing so big and strong.
I am so glad you have opened your eyes so you can see the mommy and daddy that love you so!
I can't wait to hug you both tight and give you kisses! Aunt Donna