Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smooth sailing so far

Called in to check on the lil ones and spoke with Anna.

Today has been a pretty chill day for the twins. Not much going on; which translates into a pretty good day.

Jenna only had one Apnea. All her other stats are pretty much the same.
Mid 30's on her O2. Still at 5.7cc's on her feeds.
This morning Jenna had her eyes wide open while she checked out the world around her. She was also pretty active and squirming around.

Blake is pretty similar. He's in the low 30's on O2. 3.7cc's on feeding. Not much to report.

The Dr. (Dr. Su) hasn't made rounds yet, so hasn't set forth today's orders on feeds or CPAP settings yet.

Both of them have had a very uneventful day.
Right now, they are in the "boring" phase of the NICU, as some people tend to call it.
They aren't really going for any huge milestones right now, just growing, eating more, & staying healthy. Because of that, some of our posts may in turn be rather boring.
But that's ok; we don't like Drama around our house, so this works out well for us. :)

Anyway; hope everyone else is having as good a day as we are!

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