Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Report

Blake and Jenna had a good day today. We were fortunate enough to see their eyes open a few times today. Other than holding them, there is nothing better right now than to see them open their eyes in response to hearing our voices. Each time this happens, I feel myself being slowly wrapped around their tee-tiny little fingers-haha. Jenna is looking good and healthy, as is Blake. They haven't had hats on today so we have been able to see more of them.

Jason and I actually went out tonight with some friends for dinner and were out until 11:30. We decided to stop by to tell the babies goodnight. I got a little kangaroo time with Jenna since she has been doing much better and has had a real steady day. Jason had colone on, so he thought it would be better for me to hold her. I was happy to do it, it had been a few days due to her infection. She is just a doll! She opened her eyes while I was rocking and talking to her. As I looked down at her I realize once more how very small she is. Her little ears are so tiny and her slender fingers just fluttered about on my skin. I cherish these times with her and can't wait for the day when holding her won't involve the accompaniment of the tubes and wires. But until then, I will take every little bit I can get.

As usual, Blake was trying his best to avoid being all curled up the the fetal position. He does not seem to enjoy being all tucked in with legs and arms curled up. Nope, he seems to like the "lazy boy recliner" position. Daddy changed quite a stinker of a diaper tonight-haha. After he changed him, Blake stiffened his back and legs when Beth tried to position hi tightly in his snuggie. It is quite the humorous thing to see.

Well, it is late so time to catch some sleep.

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Marcia said...

Marci and I were in earlier in the evening Saturday. Both babies were hatless and it looks like Jenna has very dark hair while Blake has lighter hair. They didn't wake at all. Blake's nurse told me he's at 2 lb., 8 oz. Jenna's skin color looks darker than Blake but that may have been because she's more towards the corner of the room and there's less light reflecting there. I'm afraid that when they get about two years old I'll be their wrestling opponent as I am now with Kaylee. Maybe all three will pile on Papa. I won't have a chance at all.