Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, Jan. 15th

Jenna went up to 7cc/hr tonight. Earlier she weighed in at 2.2lbs, she hadn't been weighed tonight last time we checked. She has done well on CPAP. They moved her down to 15BPM!!!! That's our girl! She was transferred to another isolette this afternoon. Same spot, just into a freshly cleaned one. She did excellent with the transfer.

Blake has had an okay day. He has had a few A's and B's. He went up on his CPAP a bit. He lost a few grams but is still holding a little over 2lbs. He has been munching away at his paci again. It is really cute to see him do it.

Haven't posted new pics yet. It is really late again tonight so I will try to post them in the morning.

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