Thursday, February 19, 2009

Late Night Update

Just called to check in. Blake has had a few A's and B's but otherwise is fine.

Poor Jenna had to get a PIC line IV put in. It took an hour to do!!! We feel so bad for her. Once she was given a sedative she didn't fuss and was very cooperative. This is the stuff that breaks our hearts. All the poking and proding of IVs and tubes. Poor baby is so swollen. The swelling is due to the infection as well as the blood she is given. She is given meds to counteract the swelling so hopefully they will kick in soon. The PIC line was placed because it can be used for a longer amount of time than a regualr IV. Since she will be given antibiotics for a few days and will be receiving IV fluids, it was decided that a PIC line would be best. We just hate it though, she was just poked yesterday when given a regular IV. Tonight the regular IV was replaced with the PIC line. We just hate seeing her so swollen. We are very grateful though, that she seems to be fighting this incfection quite well. We just pray that this infection will be gone soon and that our little girl feels much better.


HLH said...

Hi Jason & Kim,

I'm a friend of Carrie Burr's and she has you on her blog roll. I've been reading updates for awhile now and each one tugs at my heart. I don't know you - so I don't want to do the whole creepy stranger pretend like I do thing - but I do want you to know you've got folks praying for you.

I had a baby girl in September and she's my source of gravity. She makes life all the more real and gives a renewed sense of purpose. It's AWESOME being a parent but it comes with so many emotions. I cannot imagine what you two have been through but it sounds like you are both very strong.

I will be looking forward to watching your little one's grow every day. Hang in there and I hope Jenna feels better very soon!



Jason and Kim said...

Hi Heather,

Any friend of Carrie's is a friend of ours. :) We appreciate the encouraging words and am glad to receive your response. Just getting feedback helps me to cope with this ride.

Thankfully, it seems Jenna is feeling better. We just continue to pray she gets better and better. Her and Blake are real fighters. Being mom definately gives you a strong sense of purpose, you ARE right.

I took a peak at your pic. You're daughter is a doll!

Hope to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Peace be unto you. May the blessings of God come upon you and overtake you, and may you be filled to the fullest.