Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's been a little while since I've had a chance to post, so there may be a bit of cath up in this one.

So, last night we went to the hospital for our evening visit. Beth and Rhonda were watching the twins for the evening. All the nurses and Dr.'s are super great, but the nurses that take care of them on a regular basis really get to know them and give them The best care possible. It also makes us rest easier when their regular nurses are on duty.
After we made our grand entrance, both Rhonda and Beth gave us the low down on their current status.

Both of them have been looking great and getting bigger. Jenna is gaining weight nicely (especially for being on IV and not milk), but hasn't grown in lenght nearly as much as Blake. She's looking nice and full these days.
I was absolutely amazed at how much bigger Blake looks. Everything from his lil hands to his overall length. Before we went up there Kim was telling me that Blake has pretty much out grown his Premie diapers and that they were also going to put him in a larger snuggie (thing that keeps him all bundled up and secure). He's kinda in between diapers as the premie ones are too small, but he's still swimming in the next larger size. haha.

I Love all the special lil things we get to witness with them, such as when they open their eyes, grip our finger, or just stretch and yawn, but a few things really stand out to me.
The first one is that, in the last week and a half, when we go visit them and talk to them, they are now opening their eyes and looking around when they hear our voice. Just the fact that they recognize our voice & look for us, really warms my heart and fills me with pride and joy. It's also pretty neat that their eyes track together instead of being all googly eyed. haha
While that is quite the awesome, my fav thing has always been their hands. I don't know what it is, but I'm facinated by them and could just stare at their lil hands forever. I LOVE it when they grip my finger with their lil fingers and hand. They grip so hard that their lil knuckles and finger tips turn white. Speaking of their hands...... When I talk to people, they often bring up the pics where I placed my wedding band on their arm and how much it really brings their scale into perspective. Well; that picture is no longer available to us. A couple weeks ago, I tried to get my ring over their hands and they are just too big these days! :-) My how they grow up fast......

Anyways..... After we got the low down on the kids, both Beth and Rhonda said that they were having a great day and that they'd like to spend some quality time with us, so it was time to get our Kangaroo on!
It's such a big production getting them out of their issolette and into our arms, but Beth and Rhonda are pro's and make it look easy.
While Beth got Blake settled into my arms, mom got to watch and see Blake looking around. It's amazing how much they recognize us these days. A short couple minutes after we get settled in, they really relax and seem to enjoy themselves. When we are touching or holding them, their O2 requirements go way down. The nurses often comment on how well they do when we get to hold them.

While we were holding the twins, my folks stopped by for a lil visit. They got to hang out, chat, & just watch the lil ones while they were being held.

It was a pretty neat evening with the kiddo's. One I am sure to remember.


Linda said...

We are so happy to hear Blake and Jenna are doing so well. I read the blog whenever I get a chance and relay the news to Kevin. He was so excited to see you at the donut shop last week. He misses you at school. I had to explain to him that the babies couldn't have visitors yet, as he was determined he was going for a visit. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Linda Perrydore

Jason and Kim said...

How sweet! Tell Kevin that I miss him and his classmates very much. I was happy to see him too, it was a nice surprise. What a sweet boy! Your prayers and support are very much appreciated. Hugs to you all!