Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday's Report

I'm a few hours late but here is Friday's report.....

The big news is about Blake and Jenna's weight gain. Jenna is still responding real well t being put back on milk. She weighed in at 2 lbs 11 ounces! This is really good, I had a feeling that she would start to catch up to her "little brother" pretty quickly. Well, Blake did it! He surpassed his mommy and daddy's bet and weighed in lastnight at 3 lbs 1 ounce!!! He really is becoming a bog boy-haha.

My mom (known as MeMaw to Blake and Jenna) is in town this weekend to see the grandbabies. This is only the third time that she has seen them so she is real excited to be here. Of course, while she is here we are enjoying doing a little clothes shopping. It is a bit of a guessing game though on choosing the size we think they may be when they come home. There sure are some cute winter clothes which super clearance prices right now. Most of them are size 3-6months. I was thinking that they won't be "full term " size until close to their due date may 7 so they might be in 6m clothes by November. However, my mom made a good point in that when I was a baby, I was quite the "chunk" and wore clothes that were much older in size than what I actually was. I know Marice (Mimi) has told me that Jason was a big baby too. So, although that time seems it may be FOREVER before Blake and Jenna are chunky little babies, I see it as a real possibility. Can't wait to see them with chubby little cheeks. Blake appears to have a baby double chin in the works-haha.

Going to go for now and get ready to make some isolette covers for them. More updates later.

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Janice said...

Way to go Blake!!!! That is such awesome news that he is gaining so well.

I am glad to hear that Jenna is doing well with her feeds again.

See you all soon!