Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 21, 2009

Ok, I am breathing a bit easier today. Jenna looks quite a bit better, not as swollen. She has had a good day. The test for infection is still coming back negative. I went in this morning to check on them. I didn't sleep well at all lastnight. I couldn't get visions of my little girl's pretty little face and otherwise dainty little hands being all swollen and puffy. Thankfully, the swelling had gone down over night. The doctors are pleased with how she has reacted to the meds and the way that she is "behaving". Blake was doing pretty well. I visited for a short time between running errands and then heading to Dripping Springs to go visit my students. This was the first time I've seen them since the Wednesday before being unexpectedly admitted into the hospital.

The visit went well. I sure do miss those guys. I went in to the classroom and they were all welcoming me with smiles that stretched ear to ear. They sat on the carpet while I sat and told them how much I missed each of them. I shared some pictures of Blake and Jenna with them. I then asked them if they had any questions. I was a bit leary about offering this "question and answer" session but had prepared myself for the possibilities. They are so sweet and were always so interested in the babies while I was pregnant, that I felt it was good to give them a chance to inquire about them. As you can imagine, second graders had an interesting collection of questions. Do they have hair? Are their eyes open? What do they eat? How big do they have to be to go home? Then there were questions like, do they make noise? Do they cry? Are their cries loud? Do they have teeth? What are their first words? haha! Oh, and one of my true animal lovers asked me (while having a very concerned look on her face) who was taking care of my dogs while we were at the hospital. One of the best parts was when they asked if I am coming back next year and if I am, will I teach 2nd grade again or could I please teach third grade since they will be in 3rd. That and they thanked me for the Valentine goodie bags and notes I had sent them. They also showed me a piece of manilla paper where they had measured and drew lines the lengths of Blake and Jenna. I'm glad they know I still think of them often. forward to the evening visit to the hospital.

Jason and I visited them late tonight. They both look real good. Gosh, even though we have been in the NICU for over five weeks now it still seems so strange sometimes to talk about visiting our babies! Anyways, it is so neat to see little things that reflect their personalities. They were both sleeping on their tummies. Blake was as stretched out as he could get. He likes to push against his snuggie. He looks so long laying there. Jenna was all snuggled and tucked into her snuggie. She occasionally sucked on her paci tonight. I told Jason that it would be funny to go home with one black haired baby and one blonde. Jenna's hair is real dark and still getting thicker. Blake's hair is quite a bit lighter when you see it in the light. Oh, and Blake weighed in tonight at a whopping 2lbs 8 ounces!!!!! Jenna hadn't been weighed yet.

Well, it is REALLY late. Actually, it is Saturday morning in the wee hours of the morning so it's time for some sleep. Can't wait to see the little angels in a few hours.

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Jharon said...

It was so wonderful to see you at Nancy's party. You both looked healthy and well. I love reading your blog and I can already tell your babies are going to be just fine. Waiting is the hardest part. It WILL be over soon and you will have your hands full of needy wonderful little babies.